Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Now Hiring!

So, I'm hiring again.  I just went through the office budgetary process, and it was decided that my department is creating enough value, to add more people, in order to better the business.

Good news! Good news for the field, and good news for me personally.

Except now I have to actually hire someone.  

The last hire I made is working out great, but I still dread this process.  There will be a seemingly endless string of interviews, offers, negotiations, and hopefully, a few really good candidates.

The problem with hiring data scientists is fairly well documented around the internet.  Being in the Kansas City area makes it even more difficult.  Data scientists can choose to live anywhere they want.. why would they choose Kansas City over Denver or the Bay Area?

What am I looking for? 

Well, I'm looking for a well rounded data analyst.. much like is described in this article on Pandora's first data scientist.   Basically I'm looking for someone who is part analyst, part software engineer, and has a good background in machine learning and statistical methods.  In Kansas City.  (comment on this article and I'll help you apply)

The next few months should be interesting.

Side note: From the article I posted above, I had assumed that Pandora had extremely advanced algorithms long before this guy started... but apparently they were using some other kind of playlist strategy?

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