Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Jams #1

So, I've been thinking that this blog is a little too serious, so I thought I would add some "fun" components.  Bruce Schneier is already covering squid on Friday, so I can't do that, but this non-serious break feels a little like Schneier's squid posts.

I chose to post some music I've been listening at work, while I "analyze."  Generally stuff that helps me relax and think, write code, write more boring blog entries etc.

So, for the first week, I chose a band I listen to often at work, and tends to relax me and help with long analytics projects.  The band is Circle and they're from Finland.  They remind me early 1970's German bands like Can and Neu, or maybe the Finnish equivalent of the American band Isis.  Enjoy!

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