Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday Jam: Of Montreal

I knew I was old the day that one of my "favorite bands" got a lot of attention from National Public Radio (NPR)...

I was traveling last week so I couldn't blog, but I promise some real data content within the next couple of days.

As you can tell by my prior posts, I listen to quite a bit of metal, but sometimes I need something a bit more relaxed and toned-down in the office on a stressful day.

Enter Of Montreal, a band from Georgia, which a long string of weird, enjoyable albums.  I recommend two mid-career albums Sunlandic Twins and Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? as a good starting point.

They also have cool live shows apparently (I've never seen them live).  I found the below concert a few months ago on NPR.  Although a great show and a good sampling of music across several albums, it's still on NPR.  So... just go watch some videos on YouTube if you don't want to feel old.

Ok, so the embed code doesn't work well, so here's the link to the video: Link.

Also of note, is this song, props to the first reader who can identify who used an altered-lyrics version of this in their mid-2000's advertising...

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