Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Jams: Dog Fashion Disco

Some days at work, I need to do some high energy coding, and I need to be a little ADD about it, and a whole lot of creative.  Enter another one of my favorite bands.

Dog Fashion Disco is a band that I liked for quite a while. Then they broke up.  Some members formed a more electronic, but still pretty cool band called Polkadot Cadaver.  Released a couple of albums with great names (Purgatory Dance Party and Last Call in Jonestown).  But now Dog Fashion Disco is back together, with a new album, which seems to be pretty good.

Some examples of their music.

First, a favorite of mine (over scenes from a great TV show):
And for our older readers, a cover of an older song:
And from the new album (moderately NSFW):

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