Monday, June 15, 2015

Up this week: No.. Really

At the beginning of last week I created this optimistic post about upcoming posts.  I honestly thought I would be creating these two posts in the upcoming week.  The results?

Failure.  Well, I don't consider it a failure actually, but I promised two blog posts that never came to fruition, a music one, and one on fitness tracking data.  Instead of posting on those relatively mundane topics, I created three more timely (and controversial) posts on distributional impacts of tax policy in the state I live (Kansas).  Post 1 - Post 2 - Post 3  

I also realized I had an  email that should probably become a blog entry, which became this entry on using R in production.  A good post? Yes, but not what I promised readers.

I think it was the right call, but this is just a promise to readers that I will be posting the two promised posts from last week, as well as at least one additional post.  Anything you'd like to see me post on?  Let me know at:

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