Thursday, November 12, 2015

GOP DEBATE NUMBER.. I don't know four at this point?.. Whatever

Earlier this week I watched the Fox Business Channel Republic debate.  Well, I watched about twenty minutes of it, and then decided to go back to a little woodworking project I have right now.  I am really starting to lose steam in watching these debates, because they're repetitive and boring.

Anyways, I think it was the fourth debate?  Something like that.  Who knows at this point?  I gave up on this one too early to really know what happened.  Hey let's try to extrapolate reality from Twitter, shall we?


Same methodology as before, downloaded tweets from the debate following the debate, then ran them through various algorithms.  

Donald Trump is the candidate most mentioned, and at the center of everything, along with Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.  It's pseudo-sarcastic wordcloud time!  Bush and Cruz are in there too, but Fiorina is strangely missing from the cloud.  

Trump is still receiving mentions at 2:1 rate as other candidates (Rubio and Carson).  Rubio and Carson are virtually tied.  Fiorina has gone from the #2 candidate of interest to drawing about 10% of Trump.  Trump and Bush have the lowest negative tweet percentage.

Though not generating a lot of her own traffic, Fiorina is generating a lot of ReTweets and Favorites per original tweet.  I calculated a new metric here, which is number of ReTweets and Favorites per tweet about each candidate.  The interesting thing here, is that while Fiorina dropped off the map content-wise, the tweets about her get a more attention than everyone else (excluding Trump).

People refer to Carly Fiorina by her first name much more than any other candidate.  This is a fun metric I put together after someone alerted me to the different ways we address presidential candidates.  Essentially: the one female candidate in the race is much more likely to be referred to by her first name than the other top candidates.  The closest candidate is Jeb Bush, who at one time had a campaign slogan that was simply "Jeb!".  This could be because Fiorina's last name is somewhat hard to spell, or that she prefers Carly, but it is certainly interesting that the one woman  in the race is addressed this differently.

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