Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Year End Summary and Good News

I haven't blogged as much as normal recently, but we'll blame that on the holidays and end of year, or on a bit of good news I'll get to in a bit.  But first, some commentary on this blog.


I started this blog in December 2014 as an outlet for creativity, analysis, and to get me out of my day-to-day life.  In those regards, the blog has been an outstanding success.  Unexpectedly, the blog has turned into a resume builder too.  In interviews it can be difficult for a analyst to demonstrate their true skillset-this blog gives me a portfolio of work.  In fact, I had a couple of interviews this year where I could use this blog as part of the interview process, and received positive feedback from managers.

That's great but boring, and everyone loves lists, how about our final top five posts of 2015?
  1. Daraprim: Price increase or Leveraged Financial System - I talk about the actions of the person who many have called the "most hated man of 2015"
  2. My Data Science Toolkit - A list of my five favorite Data Science software tools.
  3. Peer Group Determination: Library Peer Groups  - A project I conducted with my wife to use a novel methodology to identify peer groups for public libraries. 
  4. Kansas Election Fraud - My first in what ended up being a seven part series criticizing the work of statisticians who claim that statistical anomalies point to a rigged voting system.
  5. Kansas Election Fraud: Part 6 Sedgwick County Suburbs - A followup to the the post above, where I dig into why the initial anomalies exist using GIS mapping technology.

In sum, this blog started as a small project for me where I planned on posting 2-5 times per month, but quickly morphed into a 130+ post blog with just over 100 readers per day.  I look forward to where 2016 will take this blog.


Remember when I mentioned that I had used this blog in a couple of job interview this year?  One of those interviews turned into a new exciting position for me.  I will being starting a new job across the State line in Missouri on January 4th. I am very excited and looking forward to new challenges and opportunities.  My last day at my current job will be December 31st, making this a new year and new beginning.

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