Monday, May 16, 2016

Most Common Terms Used by Candidates

I've once again been very busy the last couple of weeks, so the posting has been, well, really non-existent.  It's probably a good idea if I put something on the blog, such that I don't forget that I have one.

This morning I was filing away some recent twitter code, and thinking about the presidential race.  It appears that we're in for a Trump versus Clinton general election, and now most of the dialogue resides between these two candidates.  I ran some quick analyses, looking at sentiment and topics which I'll post in followups, but for an initial look I came up with word clouds representing the twitter dialogue between the two candidates.

TRUMP-Trump spends most of his time talking about Trump (largely quoting other people talking about Trump).  He also seems very thankful and uses words like America, Great, and Will. Bottom Line: Trump spends most of his time talking about himself thanking supporters and "making America Great again."

CLINTON- Clinton spends most of her time talking about.. wait for it... TRUMP.  She also uses her own name, and talks about Women, Care, Families, and Children. Bottom Line: Clinton is focused on two primary dimensions 1. defeating Trump and 2. social issues largely women's and family issues. (If you were around in the mid 90's you might remember "It Takes A Village.")

BERNIE- He's still technically in the election, and the code is easy to run.  Bernie spends most of his time talking about voting, but also uses words like "Make, Must, Right." Bottom Line: Bernie spends most of his time encouraging his supporters to vote and making other calls to action for the country (classical campaigning, really).

BOWLES- Okay, this is my own Twitter feed, but ironically I may talk more about serious economic issues than any of the three candidates, largely talking about tax rates, interest, data, and impacts.  Bottom Line: I'm a nerd that talks about tax policy too much online.

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